KLAUSEN Racing is an entity entirely dedicated to automobile racing.

The services of a professional instructor are provided to help perfect your driving. KLAUSEN racing also puts at your disposal a “ready to roll” racing service which allows you to compete in international races at the steering wheel of vehicles from the KLAUSEN stable. In particular, a Ligier JSP3 LMP3, a Mercedes AMG GT3 and a Porsche 991 Mk2 CUP are available to drive. Examples of these iconic race cars regularly enter the greatest international championships. Our teams are at your service to accompany you and ensure all the necessary infrastructure is in place for you to slake your thirst for victory.

Mecanical customisation

KLAUSEN offers to oversee your car during racing trips, club voyages or historic events like the Le Mans Classic or the Tour Auto.

KLAUSEN is also proud to help you during the biggest international car championships like the “Blancpain Series” or the “Lamborghini Supertrofeo”, which our racing director won in the 2016 Am category!

KLAUSEN has welcomed into its midst the “Mader Racing” team, a fount of engineering, racing motor design and automobile customisation knowledge. “Mader Racing” was created in the 1970s by Heini Mader, the mechanic to Swiss Formula 1 driver Jo Siffert. Heini Mader then started his own business, which rapidly distinguished itself with engines for Formula 2, Formula 1 and even endurance. “Mader Racing” has claimed numerous titles in these categories and was instrumental in a 1980 victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Physical preparation

In benefiting from the support of KLAUSEN, you benefit from the expertise of the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre at the la Tour Hospital – the medical centre of the Swiss Olympic Centre and the biggest European medical centre dedicated to sports management – with whom KLAUSEN has developed a private relationship to offer fitness, training and nutritional services. A complete medical inspection has been developed to evaluate your physical and mental abilities in order to allow you to participate in your chosen competitions in the best possible physical condition.

Our ambassador and single-seater driver is at your service to advise you.

KLAUSEN Driver Management

From Karting to Formula 1, KLAUSEN Driver Management offers to take charge of all the pressures connected to this activity in order to allow every driver to concentrate solely on their task!

KLAUSEN Driver Management also handles the selection of the team, the championship, schedules for practices and tracks, and offers a complete personalised training programme, physiological support, graduation courses and simulation sessions.

Our driver relations manager is always available to assist and advise you. At your request, our team can handle the logistical planning for drivers and their families as well as all connected administrative tasks, like visa requests or obtaining licences, accreditation, and reserving flights or hotels. KLAUSEN Driver Management has the ability to choose the best training schedule for young drivers, starting from school, college or university.

KLAUSEN ambassador Patrick Schott accompanies drivers at every stage of their training, on the track and in the simulators. A young professional driver from Lausanne, he is currently beginning his career in the Spanish F4 championships. He benefits from the medical and mental support of the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre at the La Tour Hospital in Geneva.

A young prodigy whose journey is destined to lead to the upper echelons of motor racing, KLAUSEN is proud to give him the tools to become the Swiss king of motorsports.