About us

Qui sommes-nous ?

KLAUSEN is situated in Gland, between Geneva and Lausanne. KLAUSEN’s nerve centre is located beside the Prangins aerodrome, near the Geneva international airport and the Lausanne private airport. KLAUSEN can also be reached by boat from the palaces of the Riviera.

The KLAUSEN showroom is entirely designed to store all supercars, collectable cars and racing cars in optimal conditions, and to maintain, restore and customise them for all prestige motor competitions.

A gallery is dedicated to the sale of exceptional cars and racing cars. KLAUSEN’s members and clients benefit from Swiss excellence in every area: automobiles, events, and also racing and coaching. A salon is made available to trade privately, or even buy and sell unique automobiles with total discretion.

The entire KLAUSEN team is looking forward to welcoming you to share your passion!

The Klausenpass

The Klausen Pass is situated in the heart of Switzerland’s historic birthplace. It links the cantons of Glaris and Uri. This makes it part of the three cantons which came together in 1291 to create an alliance, and are the foundation of the Swiss Confederation which we know today.

In 1922, the Klausen Pass was the scene of a new kind of automobile competition: the mountain race. The goal was simple: to line up a plethora of racing cars. The cup went to the one who reached the summit in record time!

Thus from 1922 to 1934 the Klausen Pass hosted the “International Klausen Mountain Race”. All the greatest car manufacturers faced each other on Klausen’s roads during these prosperous years. Alfa Romeos, Bugattis and Maseratis fought doggedly to win the trial!

Drawing inspiration from Switzerland’s values and her close links with the world of motor racing, KLAUSEN embodies Swiss know-how, precision and durability,

Situated between Geneva and Lausanne, KLAUSEN offers you the keys to the closed world of historic, luxury, and racing.