Your vehicle, totally safe.

Entirely secure locations are available to shelter your cars in optimum conditions in the short, medium or long term.

As well as simple security, KLAUSEN offers you several “a la carte” services for any and all of your car’s needs.

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to offer you a made-to-measure experience, built around your needs and expectations. Our team is accustomed to working with all vehicles, from classic cars to supercars.

After a long winter, KLAUSEN can also offer you and your car a “start up” service before you take the wheel. Particular attention is paid to the tire pressure and the battery’s charge. Our specialists will also complete oil, water and brake fluid checks. You can then make the most of your car in total safety.

To guarantee your vehicle’s impeccable appearance, an interior and exterior cleaning service is also offered. You can of course opt for a thorough aesthetic customisation with detailed polishing of the bodywork, deep clean, lubrication and leather care.